Change Of The Political Landscape The Rise Of Afd

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For the last three years, German political parties, the media and the general public have been debating on how to address the rise of the new political player "Alternative für Deutschland" (AfD). The significant success of the AfD during the Landtagswahlen (regional elections) in March 2016 in three German regions intensified this debate. Will the rise of the AfD change the political landscape in Germany and will this new political party be successful in the medium-term? How should the established German political parties deal with this new political phenomenon and its members?


Giovanni Cannata, Rettore, Universitas Mercatorum

Caroline Kanter, Director, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Italy

Change in the German Political Landscape? The Rise of the AfD

Nico Lange, Deputy Head, Department, Politics and Consulting, KonradAdenauer-Stiftung Berlin

Questions and Answers with the audience

Please note: the event will be held in English


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