Convegno Scientifico: Third Generation Coaching

Locandina Evento
Third Generation Coaching

17 April 2018, h.16:00

Università Mercatorum, Piazza Mattei, 10 - Roma

We live in times described as volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) or even as hypercomplex – a situation that affects all workplaces and society in general. Quick fix is no longer an option, and traditional (first generation) coaching with its narrow focus on goalsetting reaches its limitations.Organisations need to strive towards a new culture of openness by inviting new perspectives, by strengthen social capital and the self-understanding of the individual. Third generation coaching might be a path to follow by emphasizing a focus on identity, values and ethical reflections. This form of dialogue tends towards establishing moments of symmetry where people – at times – meet as fellow human companions.Third generation coaching is - beside others - inspired by narrative collaborative practice, by positive psychology, by philosophy and ethics. Intertwined with the social and cultural conditions of late modern society, problematic experiences or events are reframed by unfolding alterative narratives that are based on re-experiencing and re-membering, on ethical reflections and on the process of co-creation between coach and coachee(s). The masterclass will provide an excellent opportunity to explore new forms of coaching practice and invite the participants to think about practical applications for their own coaching practice arising from the latest research in this evolving area.

16:00 - Welcome address

Giovanni Cannata, Rector of Università Mercatorum


Marino Bonaiuto, Professor of Sapienza University of Rome

Keynote speech

Reinhard Stelter, ISCP HonVP & MISCP University of Copenaghen

Masterclass in Third Generation Coaching


Alberto Cei, University San Raffaele of Rome

Anne Soyez, Steering Committee Member SCP Italy (Society for Coaching Psychology Italy)

Marco Vitiello, Coordinator Psychology of Work, Professional association of Psychologists

18:30 - Discussion session

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