Business Systems Laboratory International Workshop

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Business Systems Laboratory International Workshop. Marketing and Innovation Strategies for Small and Medium - sized Enterprises (SMEs)

11 - 12 settembre 2017 presso Università Mercatorum. Piazza Mattei, 10 - Roma 00186


The objective of this Workshop is to find cutting edge solutions, methodologies and approaches to foster the research, development and innovation for Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs).
Indeed, at a time when financial problems persist, we need to foster real economy to underpin the recovery of economic growth. To this aim it is pivotal to find new ways to strengthen the innovation management capacity for SMEs and to increase their value for stakeholders by enhancing company-centric and market-driven approaches. Therefore business research needs to find new tools able to better fit the needs of internationally oriented SMEs that can help them to implement high-risk and high-potential innovation ideas. SMEs must find new ways to think and act towards changes in how production, processes, services and marketing is managed at the international level. Among SMEs, family firms contribute significantly to improved living standards, and create a significant level of social, human and financial capital. In this scenario this International Workshop aims to address the global economic and social challenges regarding all aspects of SMEs, shedding the light to the several systemic interactions between natural social and economic systems. The presentations are about both technical and practical issues that represent advancements in the theory and practice for SMEs management, marketing and innovation strategies covering various fields, among which: Marketing, Finance, Organizational systems, Family business, Business Ecosystems, Knowledge Management, Stakeholders management, business Innovation, Human Resource Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Sustainability. The International Workshop is open to all the scientific approaches in order to foster constructive debates and confrontations to create new perspective of research and practice in the field of SMEs.



Gianpaolo Basile, Universitas Mercatorum President Business Systems Laboratory

Maria Antonella Ferri, Universitas Mercatorum 

Gandolfo Dominici, Scientific Director Business Systems.Laboratory University of Palermo, Italy

Claudio Vignali, President CIRCLE International, UK

Davide Di Fatta, University of Messina, Italy


Michael Fass, Circle Virtual College - Bosnia-Erzegovina

Patrizia Gazzola, University of Insubria - Italy

Piero Mella, University of Pavia - Italy

Mario Tani, "Federico II" University of Naples - Italy

Salvatore Tomaselli, University of Palermo - Italy

Maurice Yolles, Liverpool John Moores University - UK



PLENARY SESSION: 14,15 – 15,45

14,15 - 15,00:
Welcome address:
Giovanni Cannata, Rector Universitas Mercatorum;
Gandolfo Dominici, Scientific Director Business Systems Laboratory;
Gianpaolo Basile, President Business Systems Laboratory.

15,00 – 16,00:

Keynote speeches:
o Conflict and Trust in Family Business by Salvatore Tomaselli, Professor of Family Business University of Palermo - Italy

o The state of the art of Systemic Business Research, opportunities and threats. by Gandolfo Dominici, Scientific Director Business Systems Laboratory.

16,00 - 16,30: COFFEE BREAK
20,30: SOCIAL DINNER (only for participants who registered for the dinner)


11,00- 11,30: COFFEE BREAK

PLENARY SESSION: 11,30 – 13,00

Keynote speeches:

o The ghost in the Production machine. The laws of Production Networks by Piero Mella, Full Professor of Business Administration, University of Pavia, Italy.

o The Captive Entrepreneur - Why SMEs succeed and fail by Michael Fass, Dean of Faculty Circle Virtual College - Bosnia-Erzegovina.

o The relevance of Place Marketing for SMEs in the European context by Gianpaolo Basile, President Business Systems Laboratory

13,00 - 14,00: LUNCH
16,00- 16,30: COFFEE BREAK



Chair: Salvatore Tomaselli
Room 1- 16,30- 18,30 pm

“Familiness”: the dynamic capability for the success of family business - Paola Olimpia Achard and Antonina Di Berardino, - University of L’Aquila, Italy; Mario Antonelli, Entrepreneur, Antonelli Food srl, Italy.
Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship - Rodolfo Delgado - Tokai University, Japan.
Risk management in SMEs – The case of a Romanian Pharmaceutical Company - Dana Corina Deselnicu, Gheorghe Militaru and Andrei Niculescu - University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania
Social and Collective Entrepreneurship for the Development of Innovative SMEs with Social Responsibility - Nathalie Lachapelle and Diane- Gabrielle Tremblay - Business School, TELUQ University, University of Quebec, Canada
Are the European Union SMEs Innovative and Competitive in the Global Market? The Case of the Baltic Sea Region.- Iwona Karkliniewska - Warsaw University, Faculty of Management, Poland.

The development from a German technology jewel to a global industry player: The case of Wilhelm Schröder GmbH – Milestones and Challenges from an online Marketing Perspective. Ann-Katrin Voit, Ruhr-University of Bochum, Germany.


ICT and Innovation for SMEs
Chairs: Patrizia Gazzola and Mario Tani
Room 2- 16,30 - 18,30 pm

Managing risks in SMEs in the era of globalisation: the new challenges and threats of internationalisation, innovation and ICT - Chiara Crovini, Giovanni Ossola and Guido Giovando - University of Turin, Italy
The Dual-Axes Strategy on Collaborative Innovative Platform for Material Traceability - Rich Lee, IBM, Taiwan.
The right to data portability and its influence on the development of digital services in the small and medium-sized enterprises sector - Roman Bieda - Institute of Law Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning and Business 4.0: is Real Time Economy a viable model of business? - Giovanni Paolo Sellitto, Independent Scholar, Italy and Tanja Pavleska, Laboratory for Open Systems and Networks, Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia.

The role of sentiment analysis in the place brand. An Italian sea village case study: Scalea - Roberta Croce, Management department of I.C. G.Caloprese, Scalea; Nicola Capolupo, University of Salerno; Maria Antonella Ferri, Universitas Mercatorum, Italy.
Service Marketing Mix and its usage: Lessons provided by IT companies - Leonard Walletzky and Francesco Caputo, Department of Computer Systems and Communications – Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, Czech Republic.



Marketing and Place for SMEs' development.
Chairs: Gianpaolo Basile and Michael Fass
Room 1- 09,00 -11,00 am

Hybrid Offering Sales Capability: Antecedents and Consequences in SMEs - Mario Schaarschmidt, University of Koblenz-Landau; Gianfranco Walsh, Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena, Germany.
Improving Local Small Retailers’ Inventory Strategy: Consumers Purchasing- Consuming Cycle Approach - Hisao Fujimoto, Osaka University of Economics, Japan.
The role of sentiment analysis in the place brand. An Italian sea village case study: Scalea - Roberta Croce, Management department of I.C.G.Caloprese, Scalea; Nicola Capolupo, University of Salerno; Maria Antonella Ferri, Universitas Mercatorum, Italy.
Place Brand as emergent property: the case of Vascitour and Naples - Gianpaolo Basile, Universitas Mercatorum; Gandolfo Dominici, University of Palermo; Mauro Sciarelli and Mario Tani, "Federico II" University of Naples, Italy.
The development of a method for extrapolating the perception of the SME instrument starting from the web voice - Francesco Galati, Alberto Petroni, Barbara Bigliardi and Roberta Galati, Department of Engineering and Architecture, University of Parma, Italy; Angelo Deiana, Chairman of
Confassociazioni, Rome, Italy.

Firms insolvency and great recession: a spatial analysis of Italian manufacturing firms - Maria Simona Andreano and Andrea Mazzitelli, Universitas Mercatorum, Italy; Roberto Benedetti, D’Annunzio University; Federica Piersimoni, ISTAT, Italy


Knowledge and Innovation Management for SMEs
Chairs: Piero Mella and Patrizia Gazzola
Room 2- 09,00 - 11,00 am

Clusters and Sources of Innovation for SMEs in an Ecosystem; the case of multimedia in Montreal - Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay, Department of Administrative Science, University of Québec-Téluq, Canada.
Unpacking open innovation in SMEs. A systematic literature review – Katie Hyslop, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria.
Organizational Predictive Mind as Obstacle for Change and Innovation: A Systems Thinking Perspective - Thomas Grisold, Vienna University of Economics and Business; Markus F. Peschl, University of Vienna, Austria.
Mapping intellectual capital through the lens of SMEs competitiveness - Elena-M?d?lina V?t?m?nescu, National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, Romania; Vlad-Andrei Alexandru and Patrizia Gazzola, University of Insubria, Italy.
High tech networked SMEs: a matter of performance - M. Simona Andreano, Laura Martiniello and Andrea Mazzitelli, Universitas Mercatorum, Italy.


Web Marketing for SMEs
Chairs: Gandolfo Dominici and Davide Di Fatta
Room 1- 14,00 - 16,00 pm

SMEs and online communities: how to find followers and make friends - Ad van Iterson, Department of Organization and Strategy, Maastricht University, Netherlands; Grant Michelson, Department of Marketing and Management, Macquarie University, Australia.
Evaluation of Digital Marketing Channels’ Efficiency – Deniss Sceulovs, Riga Technical University, Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management, Latvia.
The use of Electronic Word-of-Mouth marketing strategy in the development of Small and Medium sized Enterprises: The Case of the Saudi Arabian bloggers Fashion YouTube channels - Majdah Alnefaie and Shahadat, Khan, RMIT Univesity; Siva Multhaly, Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU), Australia. 
Country of origin effect and branding in social media communication - Alessandra De Chiara, University “L’Orientale di Napoli; Marco Tregua, "Federico II" University of Naples, Italy.
Smart Economy: opportunity of growth for SMEs - Patrizia Gazzola and Roberta Pezzetti University of Insubria, Italy; Andreia Gabriela Andrei, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Romania.




Regarding Several ways of SMEs Innovative Development - Ineza Gagnidze, Irina Gogorishvili and Nino Papachashvili, Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Georgia.
Algorithm applied in the corporate sustainability - Luciano, Paula, CENTRUM Católica Graduate Business School, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Perù; Anna Maria Gil-Lafuente, Department of Economics and Business Organization, University of Barcelona, Spain
University as part of Innovative Business Ecosystem - Romana ?o?ková, Josef Kocourek and Martina Ju?íková, Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Faculty of Multimedia Communications, Czech Republic.
Impact of image attributes on branding of small and medium-sized enterprises- Olga Jurášková, Martina Ju?íková and Romana ?o?ková, Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Faculty of Multimedia Communications, Czech Republic.
SMES (small and medium-sized enterprises) as universities stakeholders in fulfilling the third role of universities - Martina Ju?íková, Olga Jurášková and Josef Kocourek, Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Faculty of Multimedia Communications, Czech Republic.